Monday, December 8, 2014

Long Time No Speak

So I apologize for not updating after my last post!! Unfortunately, a couple days after that post I was hit by a car. I have been spending the last six months recovering from that and I am finally back up on my feet again. I damaged my rotator cuff and dislodged my pacer.  I ended up healing he rotator cuff with three months of physical therapy, it didn't completely cure my shoulder, but it got me back to moving it at least!! Below is a pic of me with my amazing accessory for a while, my sling :)

My doctor didn't want to do surgery on my pacer before my shoulder was fully healed and I was deemed to not need surgery on my shoulder. It was not a pleasant time, my pacer was actually just jumping around in my chest and it is was fairly painful, I had to wear sports bras all the time just to keep my pacer in place so it wouldn't hurt as much.  Below is a x-Ray of my pacer all topsy turvey!!
Finally in August I got the all clear to have surgery!! I got surgery in September to repin my pacer back in place. Of course I wasn't expecting another surgery so soon, but I for sure could not continue living in pain with a ping pong ball in my chest.  The surgery went well, but there was a hiccup in that they forgot to turn my pacer back on until a day after surgery.  I ended up getting out of the hospital at the end of my third day there, so much less time than last time, but I only had to get my breast incision reopened to repin the pacer, since the stomach incision was for the leads only, which hopefully they won't ever have to do again :) This caused a set back in my recovery because I immediately went into a horrible flare because of the pain killer, lack of a pacer and surgery. I ended up not being able to eat for almost two weeks after surgery, basically on just a liquid diet, but luckily my doctor kicked up my pacer and it got me back on track. Of course I had to turn it back down to maintenance mode after that, but not an ideal way to spend the summer!!! I am just glad it is all fixed now and I am back at 100% again :)  I have put some photos below of my healing journey :)
Before surgery in my bair paws :)
Got a reaction from the IV tape!!
First photo post surgery, drowsy and tired (took forever to get me a room)!
Loki came to visit me :)
Brenda was the best nurse I have ever had!!!
First night home in my whale jammies :)
Booby with bandage
Booby without bandage
My first day back to work about two weeks after surgery due to the inability to eat I was out longer than expected, but booby was feeling much better!!